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Resolution 1

That the Board advise the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority ('IFSRA')/Central Bank & Financial Services Authority of Ireland ('CBFSAI') by 31st December 2004 of the intention to convert into a company and shall consult with the IFSRA/CBFSAI as to the matters to be provided for in the conversion scheme


Resolution 2

That Rule 1 be amended by deletion of the existing definition of “Home Loan” and replacing it with the following:

“Home Loan” means an agreement for credit on the security of a mortgage of a freehold or leasehold estate or interest where the property is to be used in whole or in part or continued to be used in whole or in part as the principal private residence of the borrower or his dependants.

The alterations to the Rules shall take effect when registered by the Central Bank


Board Director


Mr Brendan Burgess