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 About us

This campaign was initiated by me – Shane Hogan. I’m married (no kids & one cat), living in south Dublin and working as a Product Manager in the software industry as my ‘day job’.

I’ve developed a strong interest in personal finance matters in the past few years. This interest has been largely fuelled by (too much) time spent hanging out at – the superb website for discussion of Irish personal finance matters.

I also initiated the campaign for shareholders of First Active in 2000. Senator Shane Ross and Eamonn Dunphy subsequently got involved in this campaign, and we spoke at the First Active AGM holding over one million voting shares representing one thousand shareholders.

I have set up this website to reach out and contact more INBS members and gather their support for my campaign. It will also allow me to keep supporters in touch with the current status of the campaign.

I am using the tracking services of and to track the number of visits to this site. This also captures some limited information about the source of the visit (IP address) and software (browser, OS, plug-ins) on the visitors system. No personally identifiable information is captured.

I’ve received support on this campaign from many other INBS members, several business journalists and other interested parties. I really appreciate the past and ongoing support that I’ve got from all of these sources – I just wouldn’t be willing or able to keep going without your help.


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