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How can you help?

In order to convert the INBS from a mutual society to a bank, a motion for this conversion must be put to members and passed by a majority of members. I need the support of as many INBS depositors (‘share’ account holders) as possible in order to get a motion for conversion.

If you are a share account holder and you haven’t already contacted me to register your support, please email me with your name/address/phone/email address as soon as possible. If you can offer the support of other voting members among your family & friends, please mention the number of members in your mail.

Please also forward the address of this website ( to any of your family, friends & colleagues who may also hold INBS accounts and ask them to get in touch with me to register their support.

To date, the campaign hasn't incurred any substantial costs. [You can help keep costs down by providing me with your email contact details so I can keep control on my phone bills]. I've funded the costs of phone calls so far out of my own pocket. A couple of donors have covered website registration costs and postage costs. It is possible that the costs involved in communicating with members by post & by phone and/or legal costs may mount up beyond the level which I can fund out of my own resources. When that occurs, I may well have to contact supporters to seek donations towards campaign expenses.

As an ordinary member, I don’t have all the expertise and knowledge that is needed to make this conversion happen. If you have skills or experience in any of the following areas and you are willing to help in this campaign, please get in touch.