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We need your support to drive forward the demutualisation and other reforms of Irish nationwide - the more members that sign up to our campaign, the greater negotiating strength we have. If you haven't already been in touch with me, please go to our Contact Us page to give me your details. Check out the 'How to Help' section of this site for more information.

Future developments in the campaign will include;

If you have any questions about the demutualisation of Irish Nationwide, please check out this great article from the Irish Independent. [You may need to register on their website before you can see it]. If you have further queries, please check out the 'Questions & Answers' section of this website.

Please forward the address of this website ( to any of your family, friends & colleagues who may also hold INBS accounts and ask them to get in touch with me to register their support.

Thanks for your time, and letís look forward to the prompt demutualisation of Irish Nationwide Building Society.

Best Regards

Shane Hogan

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